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Family Therapy

Family is important.

Family is also very complicated.


Every family member is different and so can the way they communicate and their temperaments. Navigating through these family dynamics can be very challenging and at times, extremely frustrating.

The entire family system can be faced with challenges, which can include trauma, financial stress, grief, or loss, to a point that it can become too much to manage on your own. It's easy to focus on one member’s problems and scapegoats, so in family therapy, we focus on the system as a whole and the complex dynamics between all of the family members. We help you and your family understand the dynamics at play and provide guidance on how the entire system can heal. Only when healing the system, can each part family member’s needs can be met. 

During family therapy, we listen to your concerns through structured sessions and support your family so you can move forward. We can help parents, children, and siblings learn to communicate and understand one another. We can help family members see how they influence one another’s behavior as often, we can point out the hurtful behaviors of our family members but we are unable to see how our own behavior plays a huge factor in others.

Family therapy can bring your family closer and at peace. Patients and their families are often amazed at the extent to which an individual can make positive changes and overcome emotional or behavioral difficulties, by examining and making changes within their family relationships and dynamics.

Some examples of family therapy topics are:

  • Conflict between Parents & Children

  • Conflict between Parents

  • Dealing with Family Medical Issues

  • Coping with Grief as a Family

  • Politics within the Family

  • Parenting through Divorce

  • Dealing with Child's Behavioral Issues

  • A Family Member has Long-Term (Chronic) Mental Illness or Substance Abuse Issues
  • Communication Difficulties
  • Blended Family Dynamics

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