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Individual Therapy

Life is very complex. You may face many situations in your life that cause stress, anger, grief or conflict. Even though you’ve struggled, perhaps you kept quiet, not wanting to burden others with your problems. When it came to getting support, you may have felt misunderstood, belittled, or brushed off. You may have withdrawn from your social groups or put on a face that doesn’t quite match the way you feel around others.

As humans, while we possess the ability to face these situations and struggles on our own, we need guidance to help us understand how to process our emotions.

Individual therapy involves working with a trained therapist who helps you to heal and transform by resolving personal issues to become the best version of yourself.


Individual therapy is about you. It’s about giving you one-on-one attention and a comfortable, private setting to explore the many different issues you encounter in your life such as:


1.     Emotional issues, like anger, anxiety, and depression

2.     Recent trauma, such as the death of a loved one, abuse, or a breakup

3.     Substance abuse

4.     Problems at work or school

5.     Loss of enjoyment of activities

6.     Strained family and/or personal relationships

Whatever your issues may be, individual therapy can be a life-changing experience.


Some of the benefits of individual therapy are:

1. Adding to your support network

2. Gaining a better understanding of yourself and improving self-confidence

3. Learning how to handle emotions

4. Identifying underlying causes of symptoms

5. Utilizing effective coping strategies

6. Managing symptoms

7. Facilitating lifestyle changes

The key is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to therapy, which means your selected therapist will work to devise an individualized plan based on your unique needs.

At Luminare Counseling, we also implement corrective emotional experience, which essentially exposes you to emotional situations which you may have struggled with in the past. Going through the event again—under more controlled circumstances—will help you move past the trauma.

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